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H&M opening 225 new stores (yes, really)

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Good news! (We couldn't believe it either.) H&M, home of many trendy clothing items under $10, is taking advantage of current consumer tendencies to bargain shop. The world's third-largest fashion chain (based on revenue) just announced plans to open 225 new stores in 2009. Their first Beijing location opens today, one of five or six upcoming China posts. Other regions they're targeting for new stores include the Middle East and Japan—bringing their total number of venues to just under 2,000.


Bloomsburg Mills wilts

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If only tenure existed for textile companies: After 120 years as a community staple in Pennsylvania's Columbia County, Bloomsburg Mills is closing its doors on May 31st, hurt by economic forces and imports. Bloomsburg Mills started as a silk weaver in 1889. It has been a high-quality manufacturer of fabrics used by a variety of industries now acquired elsewhere.


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