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Facing the Muzak

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Muzak--purveyors of the soothing background music played in stores, medical offices and elevators everywhere--filed for bankruptcy to escape its debt. The company, which has been in business for 75 years, has two million songs playing at a wide variety of retail stores from Macy's to DSW Shoes. Muzak expects to successfully continue operations following the restructuring.

Nortel filing

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Nortel Networks filed for bankruptcy protection in the face of declining sales. Nortel is the first major tech company to go bankrupt in the economic crisis and a potential bellwether. The company, which is based in Toronto, made the filing in Delaware but is seeking protection in Canada as well.

Timely Demise tracks the retail industry as it changes with our unprecedented economic environment. By David Wertheimer. Did I miss something? Drop me a line.

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