All quiet on the retail front

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Kind of nice, isn't it: Timely Demise has had almost nothing to say for a week.

Could it be "the beginning of the end of the recession?" The slow summer news cycle? Executives on vacation?

This writer believes it has more to do with the economy taking a well-deserved summertime nap than any macro-level trends--just because the stock market bounced doesn't mean America still isn't facing a workforce that's 20% underemployed.

In any case, Timely Demise owns a sister website that will launch once good news starts to eclipse bad. And if that takes awhile, TD will be sure to note it. Keep your tips and thoughts coming.

Whatever may happen, this blog is content to not have much to say. The break, while not a compelling read, is refreshing. We'll see what happens next week.

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