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I've established some Timely Demise social media outlets to give easier access to TD.

Timely Demise on Twitter gives direct links to stories as they publish. It also covers retail on a bit more macro level; those interested in economic and real-estate news, and not just brands, will enjoy the TD Twitter feed. This blog remains focused on more tangible changes to the retail landscape.

Timely Demise on Facebook is, so far, just a fan page and republishing outpost. Users on Facebook can read TD posts there instead of here. Maybe the site will get a few outspoken fans as well. (Facebook account required for link.)

Timely Demise welcomes the community aspect in both areas--direct messages and replies are always welcome. See you there.

Timely Demise tracks the retail industry as it changes with our unprecedented economic environment. By David Wertheimer. Did I miss something? Drop me a line.

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