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Old and local stores, mid-April edition

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The economic downturn is hitting local stores especially hard. Saddest among those affected are the decades-old establishments suddenly facing bankruptcy or liquidation. Recent news affects several notable stores with long histories:

  • In Westchester County, New York, Chappaqua's Second Story bookstore is closing after 37 years in business. Its owner, a former president of a national booksellers' association, is retiring and not selling the business. Second Story counts Bill and Hillary Clinton among its patrons.
  • In the Denver suburbs, Andrisen Morton is closing its women's store after 30 years in business. Its men's outlet remains open, but the women's business has been declining since the recession picked up steam.
  • And if you're trying to practice your way to Carnegie Hall, Joseph Patelson won't be able to help you anymore. The longtime sheet-music retailer is closing its doors after six decades in business.


Waldenbooks shrinking

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Amid a "bleak book environment," Borders is planning on closing most of its Waldenbooks locations to cut its corporate costs. The company, which had been stratetgically closing Waldenbooks stores since 2007, is now moving toward a drastic reduction--as much as 80 percent of the current total.

Waldenbooks will have 50 to 60 doors when the closings are complete, down from 300 today, and 564 as recently as 2007. Borders stores are concentrating on high-volume areas, like children's and health and wellness books, while aggressively cutting costs.


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