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Christian Bernard bankruptcy

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Regional jeweler Christian Bernard filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy the day after Christmas. The company began its bankruptcy investigations prior to the holiday, and the filing says the chainlet's 15 stores "appear to be unsustainable."

KiS Golf

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KiS Golf, which operated indoor golf facilities in six states, converted from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 bankruptcy this week and is liquidating assets. The shift in plans surprised many people, including irate customers with pricy membership plans.

Boll Weevil

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San Diego restaurant chainlet Boll Weevil closed all six company-owned locations and is filing for bankruptcy. The company, which dates to 1967, once had 19 restaurants. Boll Weevil had a history of financial trouble, including two previous bankruptcy filings and an insurance incident in 1997 that temporarily closed a dozen doors. This is the last go-round, however; the company plans a liquidation under Chapter 7 law.

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