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Spring Air shuts down

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Mattress manufacturer Spring Air shut down its manufacturing nationwide last week and is filing for bankruptcy protection. The company has been suffering under a severe debt load and reportedly was unable to secure new financing through a buyout. Up to nine plants have been closed and the company's futue is unclear.


Norwood Promotional Products bankrupt

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Norwood Promotional Products filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is trying to sell its assets. This one's not directly b2c, but if you have a pen, calendar, golf tee or bag from a conference with a logo on it, there's a decent chance it came from Norwood, the second-largest supplier in the U.S. The company cited economic conditions, high debt and a decline in order volume, coupled with $17 million in recent flood damage, as combining to throw the company into bankruptcy. Norwood has arranged a buyer for the tail end of its bankruptcy process.


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