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New on TD: inline categories

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Timely Demise fine-tuned its navigation last week to show categories for each entry on the site's home page. This should make it easier for you to drill into the archives, now that we're up to nearly 250 entries. (Aside: wow, 250 entries? We launched barely eight months ago. That's pretty busy for such a niche topic.)

I'm debating doing this for the RSS feeds, too--email me if you think this would be worthwhile.


Friends in the news

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It's not the happiest tidbit, and Timely Demise isn't typically about unemployment, but our friend Norm Elrod and his Jobless and Less blog got profiled in the New York Times today. We'd rather see Norm gainfully employed, of course, but hey, small victories count too.


Welcome Josey

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Please join me in welcoming Josey Miller as a Timely Demise contributor. She'll be posting occasional items alongside me and guestblogger Choire (who's around here somewhere, I'm sure). Welcome, Josey!


Timely Demise tracks the retail industry as it changes with our unprecedented economic environment. Published by David Wertheimer. Did I miss something? Drop me a line.

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